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Major Brands

Creation, design, manufacturing: the same process to support your advertising and point of sale marketing!

Effective retail communication and marketing tools

As a specialist in shopfitting and POS advertising signage, Sodem System supports all your projects: operational marketing plan, promotional campaigns, promotional events or shopfitting.

How do you make an impact? What marketing tools should you use to effectively enhance a point of sale, to draw visitors’ attention and trigger the impulse to buy? Sodem System provides concrete and effective answers to your questions, setting itself apart with innovative products which perfectly suit the image of your brand, your company or your products.

Turnkey solutions

Based on a recent study, even if the trend lies in digitalisation, physical advertising is most likely to make a customer spend. Point of sale marketing is in fact the most popular form of advertising: among the materials used in shops 71% of customers surveyed consider that displays are the most effective tool!

Sodem System offers you a range of marketing, PoS advertising and signage tools that will make the difference. Furniture, totem, signs, display case, cash register backdrop, hanging tension fabric boxes, back-lit luminous boxes, wall decoration, posts, etc.: our technicians and specialists guarantee a visual impact that will directly influence your sales.

We are able to meet all needs from the survey to on-site installation. Thanks to our national network of partners, we are able to offer a service to help install PoS advertising/signage in your stores, across the whole of France. Sodem System is your responsive single point of contact to guarantee a high level of service.

Enable your clients to stand out
through an innovative point of sale
marketing solution

They trust us

Sodem System works for large brands and in France and abroad, in very diverse business sectors:Airbus, Boulanger, Aéroville Shopping Centre, Courte Paille, Crédit Mutuel, Danone, Dim, Ferrari, Foot Locker, Fram, Hôtel Ibis, Kenwood, Lacoste, Lancel, Lancôme, Léonidas, Leroy Merlin, Maaf, Mod’s Hair, Nocibé, Parfumerie Trupheme, Peugeot, Roche Bobois, Tape à l’œil, Véolia, etc.

Our customers regularly renew their trust, as a sign of recognition of our sense of innovation and the quality of our creations.