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So Frame POS

So Frame is the optimal, innovative solution for enlivening your retail stores, and creating an impact

An advertising solution that aligns seamlessly with your brand

Sodem System has developed a revolutionary visual communication system which has already won over a number of leading retail brands such as PEUGEOT, NOCIBE, KIABI and BOULANGER.

An innovative solution that reinvents advertising and set-up

Based on a self-tensioning fabric system, the So Frame design enables you to replace or alternate your images quickly, without the use of tools or accessories, and without prior training or requiring qualified staff at hand.

With printing on backlit, tension fabric offering a texture and contrast of unsurpassed quality, your visuals elicit strong emotions in your prospective and existing customers. An undeniable asset to create and recreate atmospheres, increase your drawing power, create brand preference and provide a strong call to action in terms of making a purchase.

Choose the So Frame POS solution
and enhance brand preference

A customisable and adjustable

So Frame adapts to your needs and creativity, and is available in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. Adjustable, reusable and manufactured in France, So Frame is a solution that it favours short supply chains. 

With So Frame, you also benefit from services provided (by an in-house design department and services covering installation, storage, logistics and campaign monitoring) that save you time, giving you more time to focus on what is key.