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Modular tension fabric stand

With our modular tension fabric solution, setting up a unique, modern and attractive stand has never been so easy!

An innovative system to convey the customer experience

Sodem System has developed a range of adjustable stands based on innovative, self-tensioning fabric. This offers the optimal solution for the set-up of exhibition spaces.

With our modular tension fabric solution, setting up a unique, modern and attractive stand has never been so easy!

Choose the modular tension fabric stand
to enable your customers
to stand out

High-quality fabric offering exposure to help your clients stand out

Sodem System has opted for a simple, effective solution: dye-sublimation. The image literally penetrates the fabric to become part of the product. You benefit from high-definition printing and unsurpassed rendering quality.

Dye-sublimation is also an environmentally-friendly, sustainable process, which is an asset in terms of environmentally-responsible corporate approaches.

Your images can therefore elicit strong emotions in your prospective and existing customers. An attractive solution which creates impact, meeting your expectations in terms of sensory marketing.

This fabric allows you to benefit from simple, cost-effective updating of your point of sale

When the images of your marketing components need to be updated at your points of sale, you can keep the frames and only replace the images on the inner fabric.

Apart from ease of installation, you are also choosing unsurpassed implementation speed, at a much lower cost than that for traditional points of sale.

An infinite number of configurations available

Our flexible and fully-customisable fabric frames can be put together according to your requirements and creativity. Our solution comprises an adjustable aluminium frame (pre-assembled), elements that combines together, and an effective fastening system that allows for rapid insertion of images within the frames without the need of tools. Equipment that’s easy to assemble and disassemble.

Different configurations are available, all of which can be modified by means of customised modules and personalised options (backlit frames, high signage, hanging banners, illuminated counters, reception desks, base plates, screen supports, lighting and blackout fabric).