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With Expofloor, Sodem System offers you an additional asset for your exhibition event.

A scalable technical floor: an essential component for your event

One of Sodem System’s innovations and creations especially designed for exhibitions, which provides an optimal solution to resolve issues that traditional flooring does not, greatly simplifying set-up for your event.

Expofloor is a technical floor that is quick and easy to install, adjustable and cost-effective.

A floor that stays level over the entire exhibition area and eliminates, from the outset, any potential problems posed when installing walls.

Our technical Expofloor is raised and provides the option to house cables and pipes for fluids under the frame, making them accessible as needed.

An innovative concept

A cylinder with a design base (Spider) that is easy to adjust, and that rotates twice as fast. An adaptable system (Floorbolt) designed to connect the pieces together, optimising load distribution on the floor.

A system of moveable pieces

You can opt for conventional floor pieces of different sizes that are highly load-resistant, or you can choose specific decorative tiles that Sodem System is able to manufacture in line with your needs: “light box” or “display” floor strips, glass platform floor pieces and access ramps for those with limited mobility.

A solution that combines numerous advantages: quick and easy to install, compact, flexible and long-lasting with a high load capacity.

Choose Expofloor to ensure
you get added benefits
for your stand