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Double deck

The spacious and modular two-story stand

Sodem System’s Double Deck stand distils our expertise to bring you a stand that is both sturdy, modular, and durable. It can be assembled and dismantled as many times as you need, and will travel with you to your different trade shows, adapting to the visuals of your varied advertising campaigns.

Bigger and more spacious

The exclusive technology used in the Double Deck stand means that it needs fewer posts. The result is an unrivalled sensation of space!

Where most stands of its kind require a post every three or four metres, the Double Deck stand by Sodem System only needs a single post every six metres.

Rise above it with a stand
that stands out!

Easier to install

The Double Deck stand is compatible with all of Sodem System’s profiles and accessories.

This makes it easy to create an interior that is at once practical and eye-catching, and further more meets your needs. It is also very easy to change its decor or fittings between trade shows.

Full compliance with safety standards

Each and every Double Deck stand is CETIM approved and certified, meaning that it can be set up at a trade show anywhere in the world.

Double Deck stands can handle loads of up to 500kg per square metre. More than enough to stay standing beneath the heaviest crowds!