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stock management

Our optimised logistics and stock management mean our customers get a faster, more efficient service.

Prioritising responsiveness

To make sure that your event is a success, we have developed a specific process to carefully manage our stock. Our stock levels are visible in real time so that we can fulfil your orders and requests in good time.

Optimised quality of service

We have developed innovative logistics tracking tools to manage all of our stock and transactions (stock levels, location, destination, etc.).

All of our products are recorded for complete traceability.

The reliability of our IT systems means that we can centralise the full range of information about a project (identification of technical and human resources, technical briefs, schedules, transport, plans, etc.). This helps information to flow effectively between the relevant teams.

The advantages afforded by these tools include the ability to guarantee delivery and even installation dates, or to quickly and easily update the visuals for every campaign in each of our clients’ stores, in line with their expectations.

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or exhibition project?

Dedicated, active teams

Controlling product rotation, checking availability, monitoring stock (physically and online), preparing, packing, and shipping for delivery in France and around the world: we rely on an efficient and dedicated team every step of the way to make our services a success.

Through our people, our structure, and our network, our added value lies in our commitment to innovation, quality, and the satisfaction of our customers.