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Design Department

A Design & Development Team formed to equally work effectively on repeatable, one-offs or large scale projects...

Our objective: to free your imagination, leaving behind all the restrictions

Sodem System offers its customers all-encompassing solutions, while it builds personal, lasting and fruitful relationships with them. Forming the cornerstone of this ethos, our in-house Design and Development department plays an essential role.

Here to bring your
most innovative projects
to life

Design, develop, improve

The success of a layout or display project depends to some extent on the quality of the design phase. Our team, comprised of four experienced professionals, studies the feasibility of your projects and defines their technical design with you, as closely aligned as possible to your needs and expectations.

Specialised in tailor-made projects, our Design and Development department is able to customise a POS / Signage prototype in line with your requirements (shapes, colours, messages), it can offer a standardised solution for all your stores and outlets, and put forward visuals, giving you options in terms of materials, filling solutions and ergonomics.

Expertise and proactivity in terms of putting forward proposals

Our technical-creative team studies the functionality of different materials to best suit the envisaged design and intended targeted function.

It remains at the forefront of “innovations”, ensuring it keeps pace with new technologies, new materials and new assembly techniques.

Our Research and Development department supports you from the design to the creation phase, providing you with an effective tool kit and palette of colours to encourage and enhance your creativity.