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Assembly instructions

Leaving you to assemble the parts through blind luck isn’t how Sodem Systems likes to do things!

Shopfitting or exhibitions: a how to

What does this leftover screw do? How do I put this frame together? How do I attach this frame to the wall? Why do I have leftover parts?

You may well have asked yourself questions like these when putting up furniture together. Our customers do not ask anymore.

Do you have a shopfitting
or exhibition project?

The quality of service you need

For more than 60 years, Sodem System has been creating, designing, manufacturing, and selling shopfitting and exhibition solutions in France and around the world. Our experience and expertise comes with obligations. We make it a point of honour to be by our customers’ sides, every step of the way. That’s why we design and hand out assembly manuals, instructions, and plans to guarantee a quick and easy assembly of our products.

Clear, accurate instructions

Accurate assembly and optimal adjustments of our products are what guarantee proper use and a long life.

Our instructions are designed to give you all the useful information you need and serve as a guide to follow the key steps in assembling and installing your products. These essential documents describe and explain: the tools you need, the assembled product, screws and attachments, example of use, etc.

They provide the clear and accurate instructions you need to easily identify the different components, making it easy to make the right choice when there is no room for error in the parts you use.