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for exhibitions, shops and communication displays
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French designer and manufacturer of fixtures and fittings
for exhibitions, shops and communication displays

Interview with two Sodem System Employees – Valérie & Thierry


Valerie: My mum and dad both worked in sales, so it was quite natural that I followed in their footsteps (even though I had started out studying to be a teacher!). I got a taste of the events sector at ALGECO, where I worked on developing the rental side of the business, proposing the company’s mobile structures as temporary event spaces (dressing rooms, cloakrooms, administrative offices, press areas, etc.), for events such as the French Open and the Paris Motor Show.

Thierry: I don’t believe in chance; you just need to seize the opportunities that arise from the encounters you make in life! And my journey has been marked by several interesting turning points! I worked for Manpower for 20 years, as a business manager and then as the Director of the Indian Ocean branch. I was involved in work for the events sector for 3 years during that time, when I was assigned to the 1998 World Cup project. After starting my own business in the field of home staging, I then met the Sodem System team. It was a wonderful turning point which offered me the chance to take up a more technically-oriented challenge, some ten years ago now!


Could you describe a typical day for you at Sodem System?

Valerie & Thierry: We are the sales contacts for existing and potential customers, who are professionals that work in the fields of events, communication or shop-fitting.

Valerie: I am in charge of developing the western region of France. I draw on my technical expertise and the experience I have gained over 15 years.

Thierry: I am the Sales Manager for the South of France, from Monaco to Perpignan and including Corsica, and the départements of Drôme, Ardèche and Isère.

Valerie & Thierry: You have to have a good technical grasp of the products, but you also need to be a good listener, responsive and creative to work efficiently with our customers on a daily basis and build long-term partnerships. Above all, you need to fulfil the commitments you make. Oh, and you also need a good sense of humour!


Do you have any particular memories that stand out?

Valerie & Thierry: The convivial moments we all spend together!

Valerie: In order to be as close as possible to our customers, we work in the heart of our sectors. So, we always look forward to meetings where we have a chance to get together. They are always convivial and friendly. I’ve got so many great memories from the 15 years I’ve been here!

Thierry: For my part, I really remember when I joined SODEM SYSTEM in 2012. I was working on the production site and had the chance to discover an exciting environment, with people who were really committed to their work, who shared their knowledge and experience. I also got a practical insight into our work when I visited a customer on site, always with the same approach and philosophy of sharing!


How would you describe Sodem System IN A FEW WORDS?

Valerie & Thierry: Conviviality, humility and a positive attitude!

Valerie: Sodem System is a company with a real human dimension, and I share the values it stands for. There is an atmosphere of trust, which is really empowering. We are given plenty of freedom in our work, taking into account our personalities, the sectors we deal with, and family constraints. So, that is something really positive, which helps you fulfil your potential.

Thierry: There’s a tight-knit team that have a real desire to satisfy their customers by finding the best solutions, thanks to a combination of expertise, creativity, high standards and responsiveness.


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