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Sustainable development

All our teams' eco-approach in their daily work makes SODEM SYSTEM a responsible company.

 A Green attitude in design, production and logistics that sets us apart in the shopfitting and exhibitions sector.

An eco-company committed to a comprehensive sustainable development approach

As leader in shopfitting and exhibition solutions, Sodem System’s aim is to be a responsible company.

In our processes we incorporate sustainable development values which are expected and requested by many of our customers.

From manufacturing to recycling, our eco-company approach promotes the circular economy.

Our commitments:

  • To guarantee eco-design with production that limits impact on the environment as far as possible.
  • To prioritise sustainable raw materials and recyclable, recycled or biodegradable products. This is the case of aluminium, which represents 95% of the material used in our shopfitting and exhibition solutions, as well as wood, from sources labelled as responsibly managed, LED bulbs, powder coats (without solvents or toxic ingredients), polyester in our tension fabric solutions and dye-sublimation ink.
  • To ensure our materials, products and waste are recycled and reclaimed (partnership with GDE, one of the leaders in recycling and Valdélia membership).
  • To choose partners that also focus their policy on sustainable development and the preservation of the environment.
  • To implement initiatives to preserve the environment.

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Our innovations

Modular shopfitting and exhibition solutions: products that are simple to assemble and dismantle, scalable, transformable, adaptable according to our customers’ specific needs. Benefits: reduced environmental impact and optimisation of the financial cost.

Durable shopfitting and exhibition solutions: reusable because modular, contrary to conventional products. A great versatility, ideal solution for temporary structures. Benefits: reduction in storage volume, transport costs and waste production.